Saturday Digest : The Forgotten Bride Called “Nigeria

The Story of the Fulani Herdsmen is a sad one. The killing, the suspense, the drama and the intrigues is uncalled for, Nigeria is slowly going back to the Pre-civil war era, God forbid, But who will save Us?

An old story reminded me of how family units used to be the binding force of our society, How Children were trained and nurture with good values to be great ambassadors of their families once they interact with the larger society but same cannot be said about our families today… What is actually wrong with Nigeria?

I was wondering if they have told you about a the great Chinua Achebe, the man who wrote “There was a country” Have you ever wonder about that line in our nation anthem “The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain?” Will the fight and struggle of our fallen heroes who fight and die to keep Nigeria one be in vain. Who will save us from these Fulani Herdsmen?

The story of the chibok girls is hard to believe, how can just a small group of people hold a whole country of over 150 million people to ransom? Who will deliver Nigeria from this menace called Boko Haram and restores her lost glory.

Oh Dear Nigeria, your beauty is slowly fading.. Your resources seriously dwindling and your people are hopeless, who will deliver you from all this menace?

What do you think?

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