Revealed: How PDP Will Win 2019 Presidential Election

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is expected to come back in full force to reclaim power at the centre in 2019.

Vanguard political analyst says the country’s major opposition party will capitalize on the defects in the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration.

It is alleged that the APC under President Muhammadu Buhari has provided all the lethal weapons that would avail the PDP an opportunity to nail the party and government in the court of public opinion.

The writer stated that it took the APC months to constitute the present cabinet, when many Nigerians believed that the long delay was not worth the wait because, rightly or wrongly, the names that eventually emerged were mostly recycled politicians some of whom had served in PDP government at one time or the other.

It appears that the PDP has resurrected in a manner that only reinforces the saying that the only permanent feature in politics is change.

Recall that the party lost the presidential election almost one year ago, even the most optimistic observer of the political climate did not give it any chance that it would survive in one piece to pose a serious threat to the APC, which, against all odds swept the polls to set a record as the first opposition party to defeat an incumbent government in Nigeria.

But, for the party to attain this feat, it needs to first and foremost keep its house in order and reconcile with aggrieved members that defected to other party. The party will also need to reconsider its stance on zoning as well as practice internal democracy instead of imposing choice candidate on its members.

Presently, the party is still having leadership issue as the present national chairman has not been allowed to concentrate and move the party forward. The national chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff, who recently revealed why the party failed in last year’s presidential election was recently reminded by the party’s board of trustees (BOT) that they would resist any move by him or his loyalists to extend his tenure beyond May 21.

The Nation reports that the acting BOT chairman Senator Walid Jibrin on March 29 warned that any move by Sheriff to covertly extend his tenure beyond the agreed date could throw the party into trouble. reports that the party’s national chairman, who is the former governor of Borno state, attributed the cause of the party’s lose to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 presidential election to arrogance, greed and sell-out by some influential party members. The chairman insisted that the party’s candidate and former president, Goodluck Jonathan did not lose the election because he was unpopular.

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