President Buhari and Osinbajo talks about his next trips abroad(Satire)

Buhari: Osimbade, what is this list for?

Osinbajo: Your, Excellency, these are the list of the countries you will be travelling to next next.

Buhari: Very good! Which country will I be going next? Let me start to prepare…

Osinbajo: You will be going to Afghanistan, from there to Somalia then to Bangladesh

Buhari: Osimbade, what did you say again?

Osinbajo: Afghanistan, from there to Somalia then to Bangladesh

Buhari: Walahi, I forgot to tell you, I have Malaria and the doctor said it will last two months, so you will represent me. You can take Lai Mohammed, Oshiomhole and Ameshi with you

Osinbajo: Your excellency, I have graviticulous magkigioutic and the doctors said I cannot travel for a year on plane.

Buhari: What kind of sickness is that ?

Osinbajo: It is caused by gamaticuism of gengrtimilizion of epimitium

Buhari: I don’t trust you, swear that you are sick…

Osimbade: I dont swear…

Buhari: But you can lie very well

Osimbade: How?

Buhari: That Akwa Ibom boy, Mfon Abel Ekene wrote on facebook and his blog that you said Jonathan did not build a single new road…

Osinbajo: It was not my fault your Excellency, Lai Mohammed touched me before I spoke those words…

Buhari: Now I know you have been infected with Lai-2-much all-the-timeism

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