Obasanjo Pulls An April Fool Prank On Amaechi(Humour)

Obasanjo: Amaechi, Buhari said I should tell you that you have been fired as Transport minister

Amaechi: I don die… but why?

Obasanjo: Very unfortunate

Amaechi: I will not take this! After all the money I spent? After all my sweat?

Obasanjo: Life goes on

Amaechi: They are all crazy. I will burn down this place. Their father! Their mama!

Obasanjo: Cool your temper Amaechi

Amaechi: Don’t tell me that, today they will, know am the Lion of Ubima

Obasanjo: Slow down, Buhari might hear you, he is in the other room.

Amaechi: Let him hear, Mr. President hear me. I will show you! You think you can try me? (shouting)

Obasanjo: April fool!

Amaechi: What did you just say?

Obasanjo: I just played you April fool?

Amaechi: Chai! I hope Mr. President did not hear me o. Which kind wahala be this?

Obasanjo: That is your business. Lesson number one: Always cool your temper

Amaechi: Baba you are wicked. That is how you promised me Vice president and made me turn against Jonathan and my people. So you want me to lose my job? I hope Mfon Abel Ekene will not hear this and put it on his blog and facebook?

Obasanjo: I dey laugh… I still dey laugh

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