Newlywed Identical Twins To Undergo Plastic Surgery After Brother Mistakenly Caresses Sister In-Law

Problems in identifying identical twins make for excellent comedy. But in real life it can be quite frustrating, especially if you have two pairs of identical twins married to each other. That’s why some newlywed twins from China have decided to get plastic surgery in a bid to make themselves less identical, and thus avoid the undesirable complications that could arise from failing to tell each other apart, Shanghai Daily reports.

The twins have been confounding relatives and friends after being introduced to each other by a matchmaker. They are now married. Both pairs of identical twins, aged 22, look so alike that it’s apparently impossible to tell them apart, even by their voices. On their wedding day, their guests and even their own parents had a tough time identifying them, checking and double checking that they weren’t marrying the wrong partners.

But the tipping point occurred just a few days after the wedding, when one brother found himself reaching out to caress his sister-in-law’s hand, mistaking her for his wife! On another occasion, Zhao Xin was hit by sister-in-law Yun Yang, who had meant to playfully punch her husband. To prevent such awkward situations from occurring in the future, the young couples decided to spend their honeymoon consulting plastic surgeons, much to the relief of their families.

Village with highest number of identical twins

Meanwhile, talking of twins, a small village in Ukraine has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records because of its record-breaking 61 pairs of identical twins, among it’s less than 4,000 inhabitants. Velikaya Kopanya village has earned the ‘Ukraine’s Land of Twins’ nickname not just because of the 61 pairs of twins. The number could be higher. This is actually a drop after tens of older twins moved out of the village.

What’s shocking is that the twin-effect is not just limited to the human inhabitants of the village. The number of twin cows born in the area is record high. Locals believe there’s “something in the water” – they claim that the local spring has special properties that boost fertility. In fact, they tell a story of a woman from a town about 100 miles away who, unable to have children, would drive to the village to drink its water. A few months later, she conceived – twins, of course.

Ukrainian scientists have studied the water carefully, but haven’t noticed anything special about it apart from the fact that it’s very clean. Which is probably the main reason why people from neighboring towns and villages come to collect it.

Apparently, it’s not just the village water that people from outside line up for. “Actually we’ve got queues of suitors for girls from our village – we are that popular,” local told pressmen. Velikaya Kopanya is, however, not the world’s only twin-prone area. In the past, tales have been told of other lands of twins around the world, like Candido Godoi, a small town in Southern Brazil, Igbo-Obra, in southwestern Nigeria and Kodinhi, in India.

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