How A Massage Can Change Everything

Knowing how to give a good massage is a great skill to have or acquire. When you can set the right mood and provide your partner with an ardent massage, it is the perfect way to begin foreplay.

Whether you consider yourself something of an accomplished masseuse or are just learning about the art of using a massage as foreplay, there are some basic guidelines you can follow that will help you create excitement every time you use your hands.

One of the most important aspects about learning and using the art of massage is knowing how to prepare your hands. Having skilled fingers and ‘pleasing to the touch’ skin are two significant factors. This doesn’t mean that your hands need to feel like a baby’s bottom but by the same token, you can’t drag ragged nails or scratchy skin over your partner’s body and expect them to want to continue foreplay further because the chances are great that you’ll be asked to stop and even the most romantic mood will be squashed.

So, take a few moments to prepare your hands with neatly trimmed nails and washed skin that is, at the least, moderately smooth and free of scrapes and torn skin. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded later when foreplay extends to a most satisfying level. Once you’ve prepared your hands, you’ll need a few items to create an alluring ambiance for your partner. Although you could spend more than a little bit on fancy oils and expensive candles (it really takes things to different levels), it is your ability to give a high quality massage that will count the most.

Most drug stores carry a variety of massage and arousal oils that are perfect for erotic massage use. Some heat upon touch, which can make your strokes all the more pleasurable when they turn your partner’s skin arousingly warm! You can scatter votive candles all around the room and create a massage sanctuary that will offer romantically soft lightly as an excellent backdrop that will be reflected in your partner’s eyes and upon their glowing skin. Music without words that is subtle such as wave sounds or piano medleys make a relaxing accompaniment.

Using erotic massage strokes as foreplay means understanding what feels good to your partner. Gentle hand strokes with fingertips dragged across the center of palms can be very arousing. Maintaining contact with your partner’s skin is important. Alternate hands when applying more oil so that your massage is continuous. Be sure to give each area ample attention as you listen and watch for signs that indicate which areas are more sensitive and arousing than others.

When it comes to sensitive areas such as genitals, don’t spend an excessive amount of time massaging here as you are using the massage for foreplay and should only be offering a tease and saving these areas for later. Using the art of massage as foreplay is simple when you provide the attention and apply the intimate contact with your partner’s body that sets the mood for complete relaxation or taking it to the next level.

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