A guy in his late 20’s tried to rape a girl of 16years…

He didn’t succeed. The girl said nothing. This happened 2years ago.
Only actions she took was not ever talking to him this includes not greeting him.
This year, the potential rapist reported to his best friend who also happens to be this girl’s guardian, that the girl doesn’t greet him.
So with his whole armor, the guardian asked the girl why. She said nothing.
When it seemed like this potential rapist must have lied. She opened up that he tried to rape her.
Know what the guardian said?
He said, ‘she had no right to stop greeting him. That he is older than her and no matter what he did to her, she should never stop greeting him’
He also added that,’ after all he didn’t succeed, so she has no other excuse, then he topped it up by saying, that, most of the foods she eats in his house were bought by his best friend, the potential rapist, and which is why she must greet him’
When she told me, I died!

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