I Got A Missed Call From An MTN Number 2 weeks Ago…

As part of my rules, I called back the number to find out who it was.

I heard a deep masculine voice
‘Hi’, ‘May I know who this is?’
‘I got a missed call from this number’ I asked

He hung up, and called back immediately.

He told me, it was a wrong dial, he meant to hit “3” but he hit “9”.

“Oh, no problem, take care then”
‘Can I call you some other time?’ He asked.

I took a pause
‘Sure’ ‘if you want to’

All through last 2weeks, he called morning, afternoon and night,
Sent text messages more than 40,
He never failed to remind me how tiny my voice is, how sweet I sound, how nice I am, how my laugh sounds like a baby.

Then I would blush ( a black girl blush, no think too “mush” pacman emoticon pacman emoticon )

Coincidentally, he lives in the same state I’m currently in.

He asked to see me pacman emoticon pacman emoticon as the shy girl and extremely introvert that I am, I declined at his every request.

Last week Thursday, he sent a message on whatsap.
And we would chat,

He begged me to use my picture on my whatsap.
I hardly use my picture, I use my sisters’ pictures or celebrities nude pictures.

But because he asked, I changed it to mine.
Then the tripping/lust/crush he had for me increased by 50

colonthree emoticon colonthree emoticon

He called on Saturday, and heard a baby’s voice in the background. He asked whose baby, I said for a neighbor.

I heard him mutter “thank God”

On Sunday, we were chatting and I told him that the baby on my dp is my child.
I gave birth to her.

He didn’t reply for 20mins, I’m sure he was inspecting her pics and maybe mine because he downloaded my pic.

He asked me to use another of her pic, I guess he wanted to be sure I wasn’t lying.

So I changed about 6 of her pics. He asked I put up mine, I did.
He admitted the baby looks like me.

He started “raking”
angry that I didn’t tell him I had a child. It wasn’t a small issue.

He asked that I showed a pic of me when I was pregnant with her.
pacman emoticon pacman emoticon pacman emoticon

I go photoshop one of my photos, I made my tummy big, I enhanced my face and all that and sent to him. The guy wan mad.

He stopped calling me and sending messages on whatsap.
No more text messages day and night.

cry emoticon

cry emoticon

cry emoticon

I miss the call and messages sha frown emoticon

But why?

Because he thought that I had a child, he left.

The baby’s pic I used is my sister from South Africa, and I love her sooo much.
I have 2 sisters, Kaima and Princess.
I use their pic all the time.

But was disappointed by the guy’s actions.
So guys stay away from single mothers?? ..

Not good!!!

So lame!!!


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