Fuel Scarcity : Woman Gives Birth While On Queue At The Filling Station…

A woman in labour was on Tuesday morning delivered of her baby around Anthony bus stop by well spirited Nigerians queuing for fuel.

The incident according to an eyewitness, Leo Spartani who shared it on Facebook occurred before7am at the VIO/LASTMA office at Anthony Bus stop, Lagos.

Spartani explained that after some women took delivery of the baby, fuel buyers contributed money so that mother and child could be taken to the nearest hospital.
He wrote: “So as I was coming back to my house this early morning,
I meet an old friend and after a brief chit chat he resumes dialing emergency health services: A lady is in labour at the busstop!

“A serpentine queue for fuel, it is not yet 7am, and a woman is in the throes of childbirth in urban Lagos. At a busstop, on the floor, surrounded by women with little but their wrappers and the maternal instinct of support for one of their own…
“These women are running up and down, and the young mother to be is shielded for decency sake away from Lagosian eyes.
“Calls are being made, some Nigerians are praying whilst keeping an eye on their spaces on the queue, and thank goodness the Lagos madness of unruly bus drivers and the conductors hasn’t started.

“The Baby is born… And emergency services take the location of the delivery, Anthony bus stop taxi Park by VIO/LASTMA office. They are still coming…
“The special forces of veteran mothers on the scene assures bystanders that all is well and the baby is wrapped in a clean Ankara, even as the Oga husband is on his way to the park. There is a conference on the nearest hospital that baby and mother can be taken to..

“All is well, the mother is still dazed, but the baby is alive, and Nigerians even in this hard times are already contributing money, unsolicited money to the miracle of a safe delivery at the most unlikely of unsanitary places for the continuation of life on our planet… We are that lovely a people…The day feels special already…”
Spartani’s post which went viral, attracted commendation from readers, who all agreed that Nigerians have human feelings.

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