Fuel Scarcity Will End Next Week – Ibe Kachikwu

The Minister of state for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu,speaking Wednesday, on the lingering fuel scarcity, at the State House at the end of the FEC meeting said that the queues were expected to completely disappear by the end of next week.

Kachikwu said that the unhealthy development was as a result of sabotage, he however thanked Nigerians for their patience so far.

“The queues are as a result of sabotage. Some people rather than sell products send them into interlands where they can sell at ridiculous prices and so you are having this price distortions where people are making a lot of money, some are internal and some are external but a lot of it is marketers trying to make quick returns on their investments wrongly.

“We have asked DPR to deploy officials to ensure products are sold at the right because is only through price stabilization that these system queues will disappear.

“As at today we are delivering about 1,200 trucks, by weekend we should be delivering same number of trucks, it will take a bit of days to even out but you can see improvement already. I hope by the end of next week with the refineries helping us to stay on course, every part of the country will get fuels.

“We thank President, NNPC staff and ministries who work night and day to enforce discipline.

“We thank Nigerians for their unbelievable level of patience, we are solving problem we met on ground and trying to find long term solution to it and urge Nigerians to report sabotage, where people are selling product on higher price because we all need to work collectively to make this thing go for good”, he said.

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