Couple Arrives At A Train Station, Had Sex On A Bench Normally Reserved For Commuters And “No One Pressed The Help Button Or Called The Attention Security”

In what many people termed an act that defiles all moral decency, a couple was filmed having full intercourse on a bench normally reserved for commuters at a Barcelona Metro station on Saturday at about 11.55pm local time.

Transport firm, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, has opened an investigation into the “inappropriate behavior” to try to identify the couple. If arrested, the couple would pay a fine as high as 6,000 euros.

According to Spanish daily, El Periodico, It happened in Liceu station in the area of the city known as the Gothic Quarter, an area popular with tourists.

Sources in the transport firm said the couple arrived at the train station, had sex on the platform bench and climbed another convoy after accomplishing the act. They added that throughout the entire show, “no one pressed the help button or called the attention of personnel of the company.”

A private security guard explained that it is relatively common in the subway to find such acts.

“We usually find them in the photo booths in emergency exits or elevators,” another guard said.

However, It was unclear if the couple had too much to drink and got carried away, was daring or were particularly turned on by public transport, the report has said.

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