Are you truly in Love?

A lot of these ‘I love you’, ‘I am in love’ that we hear and see all around is actually not true. Most of those scenes are repeated motions of an infatuated hearts.

If I decide to help, I will give you the 7 COLOURS OF TRUE LOVE;

1. LOVE IS PEACE; Peace cannot be faked hence it is the diameter to measure love. The square root of Love of Peace. No matter the affluence to convince you or the influence to confuse you, if you do not find peace, forget it. It is not love.

2. LOVE IS A PROCESS; Even without a Prophetic outlook, I can tell that most of these relationships are fake and do not carry an inch of love in it. Love does not jump or spring up, it grows and develops.

3. LOVE IS UNDERSTANDING; You know there are a lot of people who will say because of they love you, they expect A, B, C and D from you at once. Watch it well, it may not be. Love understands, if things are what it is supposed to be at the immediate, love can understand and wait for the better.

4. LOVE IS COMMITMENT; You do not preach love, you show it. You do not need the shout or kill to prove your love. There is a commitment level that makes love sweet to the giver and the receiver. If he is not giving time, money, mind and resources to make it work, it is not love.

5. LOVE IS FAITHFUL; He says he loves you but you can count other ‘small small’ relationships around him. She says she loves you too, but do not want to break out of her former relationship. Oh, because the guy disvirgined her? That again is not love. If I love you, I will be with you totally.

6. LOVE IS FUTURISTIC; If you can not hold the future of both of you together, please step aside. If you can not authenticate the hope to be together tomorrow, then review it. Every love affair, as a gaze into better days ahead.

7. LOVE IS GODLY; An insincere man can never love genuinely. Am uncompromising woman can not give love. God is love and to love faithfully, you must understand the principles that generates love.

Now, can you truly say YOU ARE IN LOVE?

Yes, I love and cherish you…

What do you think?

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Written by Abel Abel

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