Some Amazing Websites That Will Pay You To Write For Them

Writing as an hobby is fun, writing and getting paid for your hobby is amazing.

Whether you are an established writer, a freelance writer or an aspiring writer, there are thousands of opportunities out there, you just need to have patience, keep writing and keep developing your self.
Below are some of the website that will pay you to write for them, off course there are many others, so don’t stop here, keep researching and keep writing.

They published Essays, interviews, fiction and poetry.
Payment is :
$300 – $2000 For essay
$300 – $1500 For Fiction
$100 – $200 For Poetry


They pay up to $1500 for any piece accepted for publication..

They pay up to $700 for first right publication right.


They pay around $100 for any essay accepted for publication

They pay :
$200 per article
$50 per Poem

They pay around $125 for feature stories and personal essay.

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