There Are Abundant Opportunities In The Agricultural Sector – Moses Armstrong

A text from the Speech of Hon. Armstrong Moses, Special Assistant to The Governor of Akwa Ibom State on Agricultural Projects at the Dakkada Awareness and Mobilization Campaign that took place today at Itu LGA.

Hon Armstrong Moses addressed the youths of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency.

“For the past few months I have been embarking on massive Monitoring and Supervision of Agricultural Projects in Akwa Ibom State, I have visited some private Agricultural Projects and companies in the State and I have visited and encourage peasant farmers and fishermen across the State

“I have seen the positive effects of a successful Agricultural sector in our society, and I stand here to encourage you to come into the Agricultural industry.

“The Positive reality of The Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Agricultural Revolution policy is enormous, it will usher in a total industrialization policy in our State, we all know that 60% of the Global industrial Economy depends on Agriculture, the textile industry, the food sector, the health sector and even the major part of the Global technology sector depends on Agriculture, Agriculture is rich and and very promising, our Governor’s vision on the Agricultural sector is for our common good.

” The Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Agricultural Revolution policy promise massive employment of our youths, the opportunities in the Agro sector is enough to engage our youths and take them off the streets put enough money in their hands put food on their table and make them responsible people in our society. ”

” When we talk about Agricultural Revolution we are not talking about a situation where government alone takes responsibility, government is doing its best to provide the enabling environment for private Agricultural Ventures to thrive, Governor Udom Emmanuel has set up the Technical Committee on Agriculture and Food sufficiency, This Committee has been calling on citizens and aiding them in the Areas of Cassava and other crop planting.

” The Governor had flagged of training of Youths it the Cocoa Plantation sector, The Governor has also shown commitment to make the Hatchery in Uruan to start Production, Government has been discussing with private partners who are ready to invest in various Agricultural sectors, some private partners are proposing to build freezing plants, Storage facilities and processing plants, the policy of the present Administration favour farmers so much.

” That is why I call on you to arise and venture into any Agricultural businesses of your choice, don’t wait for big money before you start, start with the little you can afford, the Governor is committed to making you succeed as a farmer.

“like I said, I have talked to some successful farmers and Agro businessmen, most of them started small, they started with little or no capital and without any help from anywhere, the secret to their success is hard work, diligence and Faith, I call on you all to into Farming and you’ll become successful people..

” The future of Akwa Ibom State is in Agriculture!

“Agriculture is our New Economic Booster!


“Venture into Agricultural business!!!

“Dakada for Agriculture!!!

“Governor Udom Emmanuel is working!

“Akwa Ibom State is Working!

“Akwa Ibom DAKADA”






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