7 Things You Shouldn’t Ever Sacrifice For A Relationship!!

1) Your Self-Respect! First of All, If you don’t respect yourself, chances are no one will ever, least of all your partner. So quit pandering to someone else’s whims and start drawing the line at certain things that cost you your self-esteem.

2) Your Freedom! No matter how much you love your partner, remember that no one can ever dictate your behavior except you. And even attempting to control you otherwise means that you have some serious thinking to do about your love life..

3) Your Independence! Or to be specific, your financial independence. Because it always pays to have an escape route that you can fund for by yourself, should the occasion ever arise.

4) Your Goals! Because if your special someone really does love you it won’t be hard for him to see how special your goals are to you.

5) Your Friends! Before your partner came in your life, you did have other friends and designating them to the back burner on favor of your boy/girlfriend doesn’t say much about you. Remember, much as you love this person, having a life of your own is not a crime.

6) Your Beliefs! Not your friends, not your Partner, not your Parents. No one should ever be allowed to Guilt, Shame or Trick you into believing that the things that are important to you are Trivial.

7) Your Identity! Be you – In all your glowing imperfection! Don’t ever lose a grip on the kind of person you are. After all, that’s who your partner first fell for, didn’t they? So if they try to change you after they get you then You No longer Exist..

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