7 Positions For Deep Penetration, Orgasm …Experts Reveal

Sex is great, but hitting the G-spot and getting to the innermost depths of a woman’s vagina is very important.

Deep penetration is the thing, but not all sex positions can give you that reach – deep enough to hit the right spots.

That is why we brings you this list of 7 positions that will allow deep penetration and reward you both with multiple orgasms.

Here you go…

Frog Jump: This is a variation of doggy style that allows for deep penetration and a short-cut to the cervix.

Launch Pad: It is an interesting modification of the Missionary sex position with the woman’s legs on the man’s chest while her knees rest on her chest. The plus of this one is deep penetration and eye contact.

The Big Dipper: To try this, you must be fit enough to do dips and hold yourself up. It is a rewarding position.

Brute Ride:
In this style, the man must have a large size penis. It is a guaranteed the G-spot hitter, especially if the woman can spread her legs a little more than usual.

Mr. Bodyguard:
This standing sex position allows for a deep penetration if angled right.

Deep Impact: Here you get nice face to face connection and wonderful penetration but requires the woman to be flexible and the man to be able to hold her up. Do it right and get her yelling.

The Missionary: The most common sex position worldwide. To really go deeper, you can put a thick pillow under your woman’s butt to raise her little, giving you a more direct path to her cervix.

If you can successfully execute these, you’ll be giving your woman multiple orgasms all the way.

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