5 Secrets To Lifelong Happy Marriage

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“One of good signs of a good boyfriend is when he really knows how to make you laugh”.

1. Look in the Mirror

Graham says whatever issues or argument you are having always comes back to you what you can control and to remember the only thing you can control is you. Your actions and reactions are in your hands. Whenever something is going wrong look in the mirror first.

2. Do not blame or criticize

Relentless blame and criticism is one of the worst things for a relationship according to brides.com. When someone can list everything their partner has done wrong but not a single thing they have done to contribute to the situation, it’s never a good sign. When in doubt, refer back to number one.

3. Be Happy

Simply put, you can’t create a happy marriage when you are miserable. Put your mask on first, and then assist others. You can’t be loving, supportive, and patient if you are not taking care of yourself first.

4. Have Sex

This one is essential: A strong, healthy marriage requires a dose of physical intimacy on a regular basis. Ask him how often is often enough. If it’s too little or too much for you, then find a compromise. When you have sex often, you create a reserve of forgiveness and compassion for one another.

5. Talk About Money
According to experts, 80 percent of the couples say that money issues are the reason for the divorce. Reading books on the topic, getting professional advice, and having regular money dates to map out your monetary goals and to discuss how you will accomplish them together as a unit.

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