How Sex With A Black Man Changed My Life

I am 23 years old, pretty and with large breasts that turn a few heads. Until about 6 years ago I was not really interested in black guys. Now I am only interested in black guys. In fact after the experience below I have been completely converted to sex with black men.

I worked as a secretary in quite a busy office. The man who delivered the paper was a black guy and we would often chat when he delivered paper – not in a flirty way – but just about the weather or basketball or whatever. One day out of the blue Jermain asked me out for a drink. I was shocked because I hadn’t even realised he was interested in me. I shook my head and said no I was busy and he smiled and left. But he got me thinking. Jermain was 6ft 3, lean and muscled from all his carrying. He was a little bit older than me (25) and had a typical black man’s *** and a smile that showed beautiful pearly whites. I had never really thought about black guys as dating partners and I thought why not. So next time he came in I said I had changed my mind and we agreed to meet for a drink at the weekend.

We went for a drink or two and we had a real nice chat. He was funny, interesting and interested in what I said. As we chatted I began to wonder whether I would go home or go back to his place. And the more we chatted the more I knew I wanted to go to him. So when we finished the drink he asked me whether I would like to come back for a night cap and i coquettishly said “OK just for one”. He smiled and drove me to his place.

As soon as we got in the door we were kissing. He tasted really good. Fresh breathed and healthy. He was kissing my neck and breasts before long and we really could not cool down. He took me by the hand and said “lets go upstairs” and led me up. We carried on kissing on his bed and I could feel his **** through his pants. It was really big – like bigger than anything I had ever experienced in a white boy but when he took his pants of I literally gasped. It was enormous. I would say 13 inches – thick hard and veinous. He saw my reaction and smiled. I said “Jermain I don’t think I could take all that” . “You never been with a black guy before?” he enquired and when I said “no” he said “we can take it slowly”. I didn’t think any amount of time would help as I thought I knew my limits. He kissed me a lot more lieing next to me. He brought my hand onto his **** so I could feel its size and get used to it. Before long he was rubbing the head on my clitoris and I was starting to get wet. He pushed the shaft in a little to my ***** and I could feel my ***** stretching. It was uncomfortable to begin with. “You are too big” I whispered but he just smiled and gently pushed his **** , about 2 inches of it, in and out of my ***** all the while kissing me. As a started to relax he pushed in a little more and a little more and I was starting to enjoy it a bit more. He could tell I was responding to his gentle pressure. “You getting used to this?” he smiled and I said “yes” compliantly. His gentle force and coaxing took a long time before the whole of that beautiful **** was in me. But after about 30 minutes I looked down and saw that the whole 13 inches was buried in me. He had slowly and masterfully edged his manhood deep into me, and I was lieing on my back my legs wide apart as he kissed me long and gently, on top of me missionary style.

I was enjoying the feeling of fullness that he gave me. I had never before been so deeply penetrated. But then he started ******* me. His slow ***** were nothing compared to what he went on to. He pushed himself onto his hand and started ******* me with long deep thrusts. I started whimpering. It was so nice. He smiled and said ‘you kinda like this don’t you?” and he could see I did. I put my hands on his *** to feel the thrusts of his buttocks as he ground into me. I orgasmed not once but 3 times. We ****** in every position imaginable for about 3 hours. He even did me up the *** for my first time ever. He came 4 times. By the end of it I was smelling like him everywhere. I had had his **** in my mouth, my ***, my ***** and he had violated me so that I felt his scent all over me and in me. When we finally fell asleep exhausted and dripping with sweat I knew I could never go back to white guys. It was simply the best sex I have ever had. Jermain re-sized me a little – he stretched my ***** for ever so that only big dicks can satisfy me now

And since then i have only wanted black guys. I guarantee that they have the best bodies, the largest dicks and the greatest love making skills in the world. Jermain and I dated for about 2 years. We eventually split up and I am now married to a wonderful African American and we have 6 kids an amazing sex life and I am blissfully happy.

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