Saturday Digest: As The World Stand Still For America

Statue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New York

One thing I’ve noticed as I follow the American Presidential primaries is the hope and faith in simple dreams and limitless opportunities. While I admire Marco Rubio for having the courage and running a passion based campaign though he lost out, I have a lot of fun with Donald Trump jokes, whether by calling Ted Cruz “Lying ted” or by calling Marco Rubio “Lightweight” He sure has a name for every one that is against him. And for the records, He is a very funny man and he is the only presidential candidate that want to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, Stop Muslims from entering the USA, etc, funny and frightening as its sound, time will tell how he will implement them if he eventually becomes the President.

Just like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz is another person that believes he can  Pull a major surprise and win the Republican nomination by July, which is mostly unlikely.

On the other hand, the #NeverTrump movement is another interesting thing I learned about the American Presidential primaries that keep me thinking, How can one man be hated like this, yet he keeps winning?  To be clear, I don’t blame Donald Trump for being so rude and nasty or using the anger of the American people to push forward his message, I blame the term politics for everything.

The other candidate in the Republican party John Kaisch is a man with a lot of experience who has repeatedly pronounced that he is the only man with the needed experience to be the President of the United States of America.
I was chatting with someone from Chicago last week and she told me that the only woman in the race Hillary Clinton is likely to be the President while that will sound good and true, at least finally closing the gender gap, the issue of top-secret email saga and breach of trust will be a major issue which her opponent which “will” likely be Donald Trump will explore to battle with her.

Hillary Clinton is a great woman who has inspired thousands of women world-wide  and I see nothing stopping her from clinching the Democratic nomination, even though my good friend Bernier Sanders has been fighting so hard to keep the pace. I am so much in love with Bernier Sanders supporters because even though Hillary Clinton has been having the upper hand so far #Feelthebern and #Stillbern is still trending,they believe Bernier Sanders will win, one of them even promise me a ticket to the inauguration.

Another great issue that I’ve noticed is that all of the candidates are socially relatable, personally I checked their twitter page every evening before blogging to have some comic relief maybe from Donald Trump to see who he is insulting or whose endorsement he is celebrating, or Hillary Clinton page to see how the #ImWithHer trend is doing, or Ted Cruz to see the numbers of people he has retweeted or Bernier Sanders to monitor the progress of the Revolution movement.

Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump will be an interesting Contest which will describe whether America is still special or not, even though I have a soft spot for Hillary Clinton I have some reservation for the two of them. No one is perfect, I know if it’s come to the two of them, one person will win who ever that will be, time will tell. Like a friend tweeted, it will be a case of “between the devil and the deep blue sea”  because to him none of them is fit to be the President of America. But personally I don’t buy the idea, I think both of them will do well, While it will be fun to see a woman president for America, it will also be fun to see a funny man like Trump in the White house.

But As the World stand still for America watching who will take over from Barrack Obama and be the 45th president of the USA . Our duty is just to watch and wish one of our longest allies a good election season.

The journey to a greater and a peaceful World start with all of us..

See you next week

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