Saturday Digest: Shey Change Owa ?

Haruna Salisu article on the first minister of sadness and the ‘Sai Baba’ campaign slogan prompted me to write this article.

“Eku Change ” I throway salute my people, please don’t be mad at me, I am a Nigerian graduate too. Last few weeks have been so hectic, first, our power situation has been completely Fashiolize, Secondly, there is a proportional increase in the queue at our fueling station, such that pie is no longer 22/7 but a new figure yet to be determined by our new set of scientists.

So permit me to doff my cap and great you again..

“Eku Change, how market?”

The “Sai Baba” slogan is gradually gaining momentum again, I heard some people are going round begging for money all in the name of #IstandwithBuhari campaign…

I salute them, 31st March is the day of the standing, but I’m sorry I won’t join them in the standing, I have been standing with and for Buhari for so long, I think it’s high time “I sat” with him to evaluate and elaborate our change plans.

“Eku Change” A French lady that came here to cover the 2015 general election greeted me on phone last week.. When I first met her at Edo State during #FeBuhari Campaign, she was fascinated about the “Sai Baba slogan” to her it sounded like “Lie Baba” and she will jokingly say..

“I will pay 5,000 monthly allowance to unemployed youth ”

” Lie Baba! ”

” I will provide food for primary school children ”

” Lie baba”

“I will fight corruption and insecurity ”

” Lie Baba”

“We will defeat Boko Haram by December ”

” Lie Baba”

I then educated her on the “Sai Baba” slogan and she quickly nicknamed me “Minister of Change” I was not happy with the title but to let peace reign I accepted it wholeheartedly, and promise to keep her informed with the change momentum if Buhari wins.

“Eku Change” She said, this her number was not on my phone so i was thinking it was all those “Your BVN is not linked with your account, send your Atm number, people” I paused to access the voice again.

“Am I speaking with the Nigerian Minister of Change? ” I laughed and responded immediately ” Sai Elena” “Please sir, we have a questions for you, How far is the change?” She asked…

“Change is in the air, Change is visible to the blind, Change is written all over us, Change is our second name” we talked on so many other issues and we greeted ourselves goodbye.

Immediately I drop the call, I was greeted by Haruna Salisu article on the first minister of sadness as soon as I check

“Sai Haruna ” I shouted… And I promise to forward his CV along with mine to the Presidency for ratification as the minister of sadness and Minister of change respectively.

” Eku Change ” I am the one greeting you, don’t turn back, I have some good news for you, we are making progress as a nation.

” Eku Change ” please look this way, don’t follow the rumour mongers, Judge us not least you will be Judge we are working day and night to make Nigeria better..

” Eku Change ” you asked me ” Shey change owa? ” ” Yes… Change owa, change is in the air, just be patience, Nigeria will be better “

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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