Saturday Digest : Of Donald Trump, A Tale Waiting To Be Told

“Can you tell me a little about Donald Trump ” the old man asked, I paused and stared at him again.

” Sorry sir, I don’t understand, we are talking of fuel scarcity, exchange rate and the future of our dear nation, which one is Donald Trump? ”

The old man look at me in disbelief and invited me to sit down with him.

” Are you on Twitter? ”

” yes sir, I have over 15,000 followers,” I boasted.

” Then, there must be something wrong with you” He examine my eyes, touch my head and tried to pray for me. Then finally he said

“I am worried about Chukwudi, Your friend”

“But sir, he is in Alaska, in the US of A, I use to see his pictures on Facebook, he is really enjoying the US of A”

” He is not” He responded with anger, When I ask him why, he simply answered

“ask Donald Trump ”

“oh! I understand, the fear of Donald Trump , But Sir, Chukwudi entered the US of A legally”

” He doesn’t matter my boy as long as he is an African especially a Nigerian ”

He said with tears rolling down his Check

” But Sir, I don’t understand”

” No, not only Nigerians, the Muslim too are in trouble ”

” But sir”

“No, let me finish, even their next door Neighbor, the Mexican too”

“What is His problems with the Mexicans?”mI asked innocently

“Didn’t God asked us to love our neighbors?” I added after waiting for a very long time without response

“It doesn’t matter to Donald Trump, he has promise to build a wall between The US of A and Mexico in order to stop the Mexican from entering the US of A”

“Wow! I don’t seem to get it, I heard some people are saying he is a con artist”

“it doesn’t matter to most Americans, as long as he has promise to deal with the Muslims, the Africans especially the Nigerian and the Mexican, they will vote for him”

“That is madness sir, I don’t believe he will win, not all Americans are racist”

“Don’t worry my boy, time will prove you wrong, it’s just a matter of a few months”

“But sir, why must it always be us, Nigeria… I am worried too, we import 50% of our stuff from the US of A, they are everywhere in our country doing business here, they are making so much money from us but”

“It doesn’t matter to Donald Trump, he has promise to deal with us”

“But sir, what about our president, I don’t think he will enter the US of A again if Donald Trump win, First he is a Nigerian, secondly, he is a Muslim”

” Time will tell”

“This is serious, but Muslims are not terrorist”

“it doesn’t matter to Donald Trump”

“Then the time has come for the Muslims to join Kahn in his campaign : I am Kahn, I am not a terrorist”

“What about us? Who would we join when our president has confirmed that we are all criminal ”

” Hmmm, time will tell “

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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