President Buhari And Osinbajo Discusses The Super Eagles After They Failed To Qualify For AFCON (Satire)

Osinbajo: Good evening Your Excellency

Buhari: Osimbade what is good about the evening?

Osinbajo: I want to tell you something

Buhari: Go on

Osinbajo: Egypt beat Nigeria, so Nigeria have jabo, they did not qualify for Nation cup. Mfon Abel Ekene confirmed it on his facebook.

Buhari: I cannot accept that! Tell me who and who played the match?

Osinbajo: Mikel, Musa, Moses, all our best players played

Buhari: And still we did not qualify?

Osinbajo: Yes sir, even Iwobi enter for second half. We are so unlucky but Nigerians are blaming Siasia, Musa and Mikel.

Buhari: Did Jonathan watch the match?

Osinbajo: Yes, I heard he watched the match on TV at his village in otueke

Buhari: Gbam! That is the reason we did not qualify! Jonathan and PDP dont want us to qualify. Jonathan is the cause. They have succeeded.

Osinbajo: Okay sir but there is another Problem…

Buhari: Osimbade keep the problem till I come back.

Osinbajo: Where are you going?

Buhari: I am going to the US tomorrow

Osinbajo: Again?

Buhari: What did you say??

Osinbajo: I did not say anything, my throat is scratching me. Let me go and scratch it well.

Written by mfonabel

Mfon Abel Ekene is a widely published blog scientist, writer and speaker. Started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in numerous international platforms. His blog Abel Abel is currently one of the most read blog in Africa.

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