Abel Abel

President Buhari And Osinbajo Discusses The Super Eagles After They Failed To Qualify For AFCON (Satire)

Osinbajo: Good evening Your Excellency

Buhari: Osimbade what is good about the evening?

Osinbajo: I want to tell you something

Buhari: Go on

Osinbajo: Egypt beat Nigeria, so Nigeria have jabo, they did not qualify for Nation cup. Mfon Abel Ekene confirmed it on his facebook.

Buhari: I cannot accept that! Tell me who and who played the match?

Osinbajo: Mikel, Musa, Moses, all our best players played

Buhari: And still we did not qualify?

Osinbajo: Yes sir, even Iwobi enter for second half. We are so unlucky but Nigerians are blaming Siasia, Musa and Mikel.

Buhari: Did Jonathan watch the match?

Osinbajo: Yes, I heard he watched the match on TV at his village in otueke

Buhari: Gbam! That is the reason we did not qualify! Jonathan and PDP dont want us to qualify. Jonathan is the cause. They have succeeded.

Osinbajo: Okay sir but there is another Problem…

Buhari: Osimbade keep the problem till I come back.

Osinbajo: Where are you going?

Buhari: I am going to the US tomorrow

Osinbajo: Again?

Buhari: What did you say??

Osinbajo: I did not say anything, my throat is scratching me. Let me go and scratch it well.