‘Have You No Soul?’ Oscar Pistorius Finally Breaks Silence As He Faces 15 Years Behind Bars For Murder Of His Girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp

Shamed sprinter Oscar Pistorius sent a raging text to a reporter who dared ask him about going back jail for murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp – blasting: ‘Have you no soul…?’

The fallen idol faces 15 years behind bars for blasting Reeva to death as she cowered behind the bathroom door three years ago after his appeal against murder was rejected by South Africa’s highest court.

Just hours after the decision the star’s brother Carl tweeted ‘shattered’.

Paralympian Pistorius, 29, has no legal avenues left to him now to avoid a long spell behind bars for the shooting in the early hours of Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Shattered: His brother Carl’s tweet described the family’s feelings just hours after South Africa’s highest court delivered its verdict yesterday
Raging: The shamed sprinter hit back at reporter from South Africa’s Times newspaper who contacted him after his appeal against murder conviction was rejected

Prosecutors will demand the double amputee serve a minimum of 15 years for her murder – meaning he could be at least 40 before he tastes freedom again.

His appeal was considered by nine Constitutional Court judges, led by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, before being turning it down.

Pistorius, who has not been seen in public for months, has just six more weeks of freedom before he returns to his cell at Pretoria’s maximum security prison.

He is staying at his uncle’s mansion, where he is currently on bail.

Prosecutors could apply for the runner’s bail to be revoked, but have not indicated that they will.

A family member told MailOnline that the mood in the household was ‘quiet and sombre’ as they digested the terse one-page ruling from the Constitutional Court, rejecting Pistorius’ challenge to his murder conviction, which was published yesterday.

The atmosphere is said to be tense. Hours after the decision, when asked how he was feeling by a reporter for South Africa’s Times newspaper, he hit back: ‘I have asked you not to call me. Do you not have the soul to respect someone in a time like this that all you can think of is your career?’

Happier times: Prosecutors will demand the double amputee serve a minimum of 15 years for the murder of Ms Steenkamp (left) – meaning Pistorius could be at least 40 before he tastes freedom again

Today, his former agent, Peet van Zyl, revealed to MailOnline that the shamed track star has been busy writing down ‘his thoughts’ in the wake of the killing in February 2013.

Mr Van Zyl, who has visited Pistorius twice a week since he was allowed to leave prison under house arrest in October, said the convicted sprinter had come to terms with the fact that his glittering athletics career was over for good.

Pistorius’ agent has said in the past that he and the runner had discussed a book proposal.

Mr van Zyl said: ‘Oscar is writing down his thoughts, getting them down on paper which I think helps him to cope with his situation. He is also studying for his degree, which could also stand him in good stead for the future.
‘He is keeping himself busy, but there has been never been talk of doing any training. This decision means that his career is over, we have made peace with that. He will not compete again.

‘But he could make a good coach, he has all the skills for that. Who knows when he will be able to make plans again, but he will have opportunities to do a few worthwhile things, I am sure.

‘But he is at least looking healthy, he has put on some weight – he is still a bit skinny, but he is looking a lot better than he was.’

The only hope now left for Pistorius to minimise his time behind bars would be an appeal against sentence, which will be handed down by trial judge, Thokozile Masipa, on 18 April.

Taste of freedom: Pistorius’ agent told MailOnline that the former runner is ‘writing down his thoughts’, and said they had discussed a book proposal in the past, following the Valentine’s Day murder. Pictured, Pistorius celebrating his 29th birthday with his family, including his uncle’s grandchildren

The star has already served ten months at Kgosi Mampuru II jail, which will be deducted from the fresh punishment.

Supporters of the sprinter, known as the ‘Blade Runner’ for his unique carbon prostheses, today launched a petition against the Constitutional Court’s ruling which will be presented to the United Nations, among other parties.

Pistorius’ brother, Carl, briefly tweeted a link to the document and accompanying powerpoint presentation, set to music, but swiftly deleted it.

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