No Sex With My Husband For Almost 2years, Can I Have An Affairs?

My husband has not touched me for almost 2years. Is it still wrong for me to look for someone else?
We are in a marriage of 15years with 3 boys.

Almost 5years ago he asked if I minded if he had a second wife.

I told him I did mind because I hate polygamous marriage setting but he had the second wife anyway and has had several several affairs since.

He hasn’t touched me since almost 2 years, we live as flat mates. He wouldn’t let me leave with my kids because he wanted to stay in the house together with his new wife who’s pregnant and centre of his attention.

A man has shown interest in me, is it still wrong to have a physical relationship with him, even though I still live with my husband.

I haven’t had a physical relationship for 2years. I’m tired of masturbation and dying to be touched and pleasure by my husband but he never look at me!!

I wouldn’t mind to have sex with my husband but begging him to is not an option!!

I’m only in this marriage because of my children otherwise, I would have long gone!!

I need advice please.



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Olusola Oyeniyi

Don’t worry about this man because he has. been cbeating on you for long why do you have interest in this man? Don’t allow any sexual. relationship with this animal or you. prepare to have sexually transmitted disease Divorce him and move on in your life with your children Run for your dear life May God be with you He is not your husband but a public dog