I Am Not A Star!

All my life
I have never tried to become a Star,
I love stars,
I love to make people become Stars,
I don’t wish to be a Star,
Stars have limitations,
Stars shine only at night,
Stars shine with the moon at night
but hide from the sun in the day,
I am a celebrity.
There is a difference between a Star and a celebrity,
Stars are only enjoyed in the mist of darkness Walking the red carpets and blinking on screens,
Celebrities touch lives
and put permanent smiles on the faces of everyone they meet,
Stars move with bouncers, security personnel and wave at fans from a distance just like their symbolic stars only seen far above in the sky,
Stars cannot be reached,
Celebrities are available,
Celebrities are instruments of celebrations wherever they are.
celebrities run NGOs and Academies Helping the needy and feeding the poor, Celebrities walk with the crowd and Dance with the less privileged,
Celebrities make stars
Stars don’t make celebrities.
I love to be an instrument of joy, happiness and celebrations everywhere I go,
I enjoy helping people archive their dreams
I am a celebrity,
I am not a Star,

– Moses Eskor


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