My Husband Was Forced To Marry Me Instead of His True Love, Now, I’m Like A Househelp In His Mansion

My husband wanted to marry a lady he loved so
much, but his mother stopped him. She told him
to marry me or she would disown him.
This issue took a long time to resolve as it
caused problems between my hubby and his
mum. The other members of hubby’s family
supported him, but due to pressure from his
mum, he ended up marrying me. Hubby is
wealthy man and the bread winner of his entire

My marriage is just four years, but I’m living in
hell. I just found out that the lady he wanted to
marry is his friend on Facebook and she’s
divorced. Hubby always leaves lovely compliments
and comments on her photos.

I’m so scared to confront him because he tells
me to my face that I’m married to his mother and
not to him. When I told his mum what I
discovered, my MIL said to me, “You are a
woman. Find a way to win your husband back.”
I have 3 kids with him now and divorce is the last
thing on my mind. I love my husband. Please help
me my fellow mothers. What should I do? I’m like
a house help in a mansion. I’m not enjoying my
marriage at all.

Please advice me on what to do.

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