My Friend And I Were Talking About Life And Death The Other Day…

He said even if he gets depressed most times and thoughts of taking his life crosses his mind, “The sweetness of sex” makes him want to continue living.
He says, when he thinks about the many girls he hasn’t had sex with yet, it gives him great hope to still stay alive.
When he asked me THEN, I had no answer for wanting to stay alive.
But NOW I do.
The reason why I want to live is because of the series “How to get away with murder’
I’ve thought so much about it.
That series keeps me going weekly. I know how excited I get every Thursdays.
I don’t know what I will make of my life now having to wait till September for season 3.
I don’t know what to do to while away time.
My life is on hold.

What do you think?

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