Dear Abel Abel, I Love My Girlfriend But She Is Arranging A Date With Her Co-Worker, What Should I Do?

Dear Abel Abel, I am a 25 years old guy from Ghana .I’ve dated a lady for about four and half years now .I love her so much but she always makes me sad. She cheated me some time past because i love her i just advised her to stop it and she stopped .she works at a betting company in Ghana .she’s been in this work for almost a year now .Nowadays this lady has started making some secret calls and also hiding her chats from me. yesternight i took her phone when she was asleep and saw that she’s been telling her co-worker about our relationship .They have also arranged a date they will meet when i leave to my compus .Mr Abel i love her so much and don’t wanna loose her what should i do ? I cannot even concentrate on my studies nowadays due to this pls advise me .

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