Buhari And Rotimi Amaechi Talking On Phone About The Rivers Re-Run(Satire)

After trying for one hour, Buhari finally got in touch with Rotimi Amaechi on Phone

Buhari: Ameshi?

Amaechi: Your Excellency

Buhari: How was the election?

Amaechi: Which election is that Your Excellency?

Buhari: Something dey worry you for head? You left Abuja to go and ensure that APC beat Wike and PDP at the Rivers Re-run

Amaechi: You got the wrong information Your Excellency, I was going to investigate some project at the Niger Delta

Buhari: Were you drunk when you told me you want to go ensure that we defeat Wike and PDP?

Amaechi: Sir, I did not say that, I hope it is not Lai Mohammed that told you I said that? You know he lies too much, don’t believe him. But which elections are you talking about?

Buhari: So it is true what that Calabar boy Mfonobong Abel Ekene wrote on facebook? That Wike has beaten you again?

Amaechi: How can Wike beat me? The lion of the Niger delta? I will tear him and PDP apart.

Buhari: Ameshi! Ameshi, Ameshi! Are you okay? Which kind lion are you? Are you a woman lion, a man lion or a baby lion?

Amaechi: Your Excellency Jonathan is a very stupid man, he is a fool, do you know he stole 5 trillion dollars from the NDDC during the elections last year? I will send you some information now

Buhari: Ameshi don’t change the topic, who won the election?

Amaechi: Your voice is sounding somehow, I cannot hear you… which kind network be this?

Buhari: Ameshi stop this 419

Amaechi: Hello? Hello? Which kind network be this?


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