Buhari And Osinbajo Talks About Fuel Scarcity(Satire)

Osinbajo: Your Excellency

Buhari: Osimbade wetin happen?

Osinbajo: Nigerians are complaining of fuel scarcity

Buhari: Are you serious?

Osinbajo: I swear, I read on facebook that queue is everywhere and Mfonobog Abel Ekene has been writing about it on facebook

Buhari: Wahala dey o. So what do we do now osimbade?

Osinbajo: Let us tell Lai Mohammed to blame Jonathan. We will tell Nigerians that Jonathan is using juju to stop fuel from flowing

Buhari: Osinbade don’t you have conscience? Every time Jonathan. Don’t you pity the man? \i thought you are a…

Osinbajo: But you are the one that say we should blame Jonathan whatever happens

Buhari: It was not me, Lai was the one that suggested it

Osinbade: But we can do it this one time?

Buhari: Osimbade the more we blame him the more popular he becomes. He may become more popular than us

Osinbajo: What do we do?

Buhari: I don’t know walahi! Osimbade I don’t know. When I travel to Italy and come back, I will think of it

Osinbajo: What do we tel Nigerians?

Buahri: Tell Lai Mohammed to tell them that the economy problems are beyond me. But they should keep waiting for change

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