Woman Dumped By Millionaire She Met On A Dating Website Fills His Hot Tub With Dead Mackerel

A woman dumped by a millionaire racehorse owner after meeting him on Plenty of Fish took her revenge by filling his tot tub with dead mackerel.

Zoe Jackson, 35, was left fuming after Gerard Brogan ended their three-month relationship.

But the millionaire was left green-faced after finding the smelly fish heads and guts two days later.

Jackson had decided to get her revenge by sneaking into his luxury home and dumping the fish guts in his hot tub.

They had been in the 40C heat for days days before they were found.

Speaking to The Sun, Gerard, from Bedale, North Yorkshire, said he found the smelly mess after inviting friends to his luxury home.

“I was hit by the most horrified stink. All I could see was a lot of floating fish heads and eyes which had been bubbling say at 40C for two days.

“I was almost sick.”

Gerard then decided to look at his CCTV cameras and discover Jackson carrying a plastic carrier bag outside his home.

After calling the police Jackson was later arrested.

She appeared at Northallerton magistrates and admitted £754 of criminal damage.

The mum-of-six was given a conditional discharge and told to pay £520 in compensation.

Mirror UK

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