What Make A Man Want To Stay In A Relationship With A Woman.

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There’s always a misguided conception that money and sex are the arbiters of a successful marriage relationship…….they make, shape and break relationship.

There’s another school of thought that posited that, the road a man’s heart is through his belly and his dick.
Give him a sex that will make him go gaga and stuff his tummy with assorted dish and he will be caged and tamed like a pussycat.

Another conservative premise is that you should have kids for him!!

As a matter of fact, neither sex, food and kids will make a man stay.

Nothing will make a man who doesn’t want to …….STAY!!

This piece is not about whether these concept are right or not as all are essential recipes in any loving relationship.

Honestly speaking and from personal experience, I’ve come to realise that the little irritating molehills we innocently neglected or take for granted is, if not tamed would develop into unconquerable “Olumo rock”!!!

Every relationship needs nurturing and marriage is no difference. Each spouse must know his/her damn role.

For a start, a man needs to be accepted at face value. A man’s fundamental need in a relationship is to be accepted as he is and don’t try to change him.

A Man Need to be Admired

Remember this quote: “The center of a woman’s happiness in marriage is to be loved- but the center of a man’s is to be ADMIRED”.

A Mans Need to be Number One in a Woman’s Life.

A man always wants to feel that he is the priority and never put other Things first like career.

Do not make him feel that he is only important when he hands over his pay check or buys you gifts etc.

Never Hurt A Man’s Pride. Every man is proud of his masculine qualities and he doesn’t want a woman to demean or ridicule his masculinity.

Never laugh at a man’s big ideas or joke about his performance in any facets of endeavour especially if he puts his heart into it.

A Woman Must Have her Own Happiness and the ability to spread joy around. This is one of the characteristics Men are looking for in a woman.

A Man doesn’t really need your sympathy per se. Many women thought that helping a man solve his problem is the best to give him support and sympathy.

Most men doesn’t like a woman solving their problem. Take note: What he needs is for you to reassure your support and confidence in him.

A Man wants a woman to be Feminine not to act as a man. A Man wants to be the Guide, Protector and Provider for his Wife and Children

A woman should never take this role from a man.

A Man doesn’t want his girlfriend or wife to sound like a “Mother

A woman should not Act as if you are Wiser and Braver than your Man

A Man Expects A Woman to Provide a peaceful Home Atmosphere

A man wants a woman to have a youthful appearance–Don’t put too much make-up please!

A Man wants to cuddle. That’s actually true, though men who have been raised to be “macho” may deny it. A Man wants a woman who is tender hearted

Men detest nagging women!! They are bloody mosquitoes and they couldn’t wait for any available moment to rid them off their life. Trust me, nothing drives a man to another ladies arm than a nagging woman!!

A man wants a woman who knows how to appreciate things—big or small, expensive or cheap

A Man needs your help to Stretch the Penny. When you help to take care of pennies, the pound will care of itself.

He is the King and You are the Queen. You must learn to let go of the rein, be adjustable and obedient

Do not ask your Man to do things your way…let him Do Things His Way

Man wants you to stay away from gossip and never talk to your friends about him.

When Asking something from a Man–Do it the” Childlike Way”

Say it with a please and a trusting way…Ask things that you really need and important.

My Yoruba heritage taught me that ” APOLE O SI FOBA TIO NI OLORI”…….meaning A matured man without a wife and family is not usually accorded his due respect and admiration.

Never come across a guy who doesn’t crave for a loving wife and a stable and happy family……but this is not at all cost.

With due respect to every male members, men are babies.

Tune him in his right spot and he will always succumb to your needs.

Written by Abel Abel

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