Virgins In South Africa Protest In Support Of Mayor Who Introduced The Controversial ‘Virginity Bursary’ In South Africa

AIDENS have vowed to continue supporting the mayor who introduced the virgins’ study bursaries.

If the government can give young, unemployed mothers child support grants, why shouldn’t the mayor help virgins for preserving their culture?

This was the big question by angry maidens who took to the streets of Ladysmith, KZN on Friday in support of the controversial bursary.

It was introduced by Uthukela mayor Dudu Mazibuko.

Many groups have criticised the mayor. Higher education and social development departments have called on the mayor to cancel the bursary scheme for maidens. The Gender for Equality Commission said the awards encourage inequalities and must be stopped immediately.

On Friday maidens themselves voiced their support for the awards.

Dudu Zwane (50), virginity tester and leader of Izimbali zoThukela where virgins are registered, said the maidens and parents are calling on groups to leave the mayor alone.

She said they were disturbed that government was criticising the awards while it was spending billions on child support grants. She said they expected government to support the awards because it was part of the campaign to fight HIV/Aids.

“We encourage abstinence but there are people telling our kids they have rights to sleep with men,” said Dudu.

The mayor said she was not part of the march and told the SunTeam to speak to the maidens’ matrons.

Bongiwe Sithole (32), a virgin and recipient of the award, said she came from the Free State University to march. She said if it wasn’t for the awards, she would still be at home because her dad didn’t have money to send her to university.

Daily Sun SA

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