Tinubu And Ben Murray-Bruce Talks About Common Sense (Humour)

Tinubu: Ben Bruce

Ben Murray-Bruce: Tinubu

Tinubu: Am I your mate that you will be calling me by my name?

Ben Murray-Bruce: Pardon?

Tinubu: Don’t you know that I am the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom, The Asiwaju of Lagos, The master of APC?

Ben Murray-Bruce: That is the problem with Nigerian politicians, the amount of time you spend explaining who you are, you would have used it to speak good of Nigeria and promote it, by that way you will be saving some saliva and also help develop Nigeria. I just want to make common sense.

Tinubu: E be like say you don dey mad

Ben Murray-Bruce: That is another problem, If you had used the number of time you spend abusing people to helping them, you would have elevated them and make Nigeria a better place, I just want to make common sense.

Tinubu: You are talking common sense but common sense you don’t have

Ben Murray-Bruce: You see, if we can learn to see the sense in others, you can also help to build a great society, I just want to make common sense

Tinubu: Look here, I have your mate at home, mind what you say. If I call Fashola or Ambode you cannot stand them.

Ben Murray-Bruce: If we can learn to compliment each other instead of competiting with each other, we can build a greater nation, I just want to make common sense.

Tinubu: You have a problem. Which one is common sense every time. Is that the only thing they teach you in school?

Ben Murray-Bruce: If the schools can learn to teach our children common sense then we can get rid of all the bad eggs in Nigerian politics, I just want to make common sense.

Tinubu: Keep making common sense, don’t go and eat so you will have energy to keep making common sense. I don’t know the difference between you and that Calabar boy called Mfonobong Abel Ekene that write rubbish on facebook everyday

Ben Murray-Bruce: If we stop calling people by where they come from like you juts said ‘that calabar boy’ and if we can all write about the state of the nation, we can wake up our leader, I just want to make common sense.

Tinubu: Get out of my face before I slap you, yeye boy

Written by mfonabel

Mfon Abel Ekene is a widely published blog scientist, writer and speaker. Started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in numerous international platforms. His blog Abel Abel is currently one of the most read blog in Africa.

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