This One Is For The Singles..

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True love isn’t the amount you spend hanging out, it is the intention behind your spending.

It isn’t a crime if nobody loves you, but it’s a crime if you do not love yourself.

Were you in any way sad or depressed because nobody was there to be called your Val yesterday or you were just bored and unhappy because nobody took you out on Val’s day even when those that are not as beautiful as you were taken out? they had fun and were busy displaying their pictures,changing it almost every minute?…then this made you got sick the more, and you were like, God! Why me?…

Dearest sis, it’s not a big deal if you had taken yourself out too, if you had treated yourself well the way you expected a man to treat you…with that, you’ll be satisfied and be happy again…

Someone said, there was a valentine that she had no one to take her out, and instead of being depressed, she dressed up, went to the nearest super market,got herself a rose, went to a bubbling place, ate what she wanted, kept herself busy,smiled all through her stay and after sometime, she went back home with her rose and placed it beside her on her bed, then slept very well like a baby…

You may think she isn’t alright…my dear, she is…I mean she’s very alright…

You’re expected to love yourself first, then any other person’s love for you follows…

Remember, it isn’t a crime if nobody loves you, but it becomes a crime if you don’t love yourself…

Love yourself first, it is from the abundance of the love you have for yourself that you can also give out to someone else…you can’t give out of nothing…

Love yourself first before seeking for love else where…

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