Do You Still Kiss Your Partner During Sex? It Seems Not Many Couples Do

Just one in four married couples or people with long-term partners kiss during sex, new figures claim.

In the early stages of a relationship – or when people are having an affair – kissing is still popular.

But people who have been together for longer are much less likely to kiss.

Yet an overwhelming majority also believe kissing is both sexy and a turn on said the survey of 4,500 adults by the dating website Victoria Milan.

It found 25 per cent of those in a long term relationship admit to kissing each other during sex compared to 79 per cent having an affair or a fling.

More than eight in 10 (84 per cent) thought kissing was still important in a relationship and 92 per cent found it as seductive and erotic as any other bedroom tactic.

But 95 per cent also agreed that not everyone knows how to kiss well, said the site for those wanting an affair.

Founder Sigurd Vedal said: “Kisses, fuelled by adrenaline, lust and passion, can more erotic than actually going to bed with someone, according to our very experienced members.

“A kiss between long-term partners is a habit, often devoid of much emotion. A kiss between lovers is full of excitement and feeling.”

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