Saturday Digest : The Devil Made Me Do It.

On February 14 some years ago, as part of Valentine special, I decided to visit a prison in company of my friends and we were privileged to meet a Pastor interacting with some of the prisoners when we arrived.

While my friends sits where the pastor and his team were sitting, I decided to sit in the midst of the prisoners after all, the season was all about love so they say and I was determined to put smiles on the faces of my host (In this case the prisoners).

“Why are you in prison and what made you do it? ” That was the general questions from the pastor.

The answers given was simple and as expected since we are champions in passing blames.

For instance, the naira is failing instead of looking for solutions, we are seriously looking for who to blame.
” The devil made me do it” All of them echoed and pleaded for mercies.

Three of their cases touched my heart.

– A young man met his cousin in bed with his girlfriend and he killed the cousin, When asked why
The devil made me do it.. He snorted.

– A man kept the money that was meant to pay primary school teachers in his account for months in order to make profit for himself, when asked why..

The devil made me do it.

– A 59 years old man rape a 10 years old girl..

When asked why?

The devil made me do it.

When it was my own turn to confess. The pastor emphasis “Sir, you are different from them, yet you are in the midst of them, are you also a prisoner, if yes, what made you do it?”

The only difference between me and them that was glaring was my dressing, but as I look through their faces, most of them were younger than me, some my age mate and some older than me, I wanted to say it was the devil that made me do it but instead I decided to blame it on something else.

So i stood up boldly to the amazement of everyone and said “Yes, I am a prisoner” I could see the disappointment in the eyes of the pastor, my friends, the prison warden and some of the prisoners..

“Yes I am a prisoner of Christ, love made me do it” I added, the applause was massive as I took over the stage from the pastor.

When the blame Jonathan hashtag was still selling especially on Twitter, Jonathan was virtually the cause of Nigeria’s problem from Colonial times till now. He is a magician when it comes to Making Nigeria sad and depressed, And he has been doing it since 1914, Such is the story of Goodluck Jonathan that they want you to hear.

You will hear statement like

“Jonathan did not give us the handover note on time”

“Jonathan left an empty treasury” among others.

Recently a top APC apologist even twitted on Twitter during the 2016 Budget disappearance and everything that follows, that it was Jonathan men that drafted the 2016 Budget, while that maybe true depending on who is reading it, the fact still remains, Change is finally here.

From the Dasuki gates, to #BuyNaijatoGrowTheNaira championed by Senator Ben Murray Bruce to The frequent travels of our dear president abroad to establish and build on Foreign ties, to Mikel Obi scoring in the UEFA Champions League, to PDP having a new Chairman, to the free meals that our children will soon enjoy in schools as promised by our dear president, to the naira palava which is just a matter of few months am sure by now, the change team would have been looking for ways to stabilize the naira, to the constant power supply which will soon come to be, to the 5000 naira monthly allawee to the unemployed youths, not forgetting the judiciary which has been impartial so far at least in the eyes of the PDP.

The time has come for us to stand up and embrace this change, no matter how you see it, Nigeria will get better, let stop the blame game and start building our nation..

God bless Nigeria.

See you next week.

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