Saturday Digest: Much More Than A Valentine

To find a balance between the work we do and the life we want, we need to take time out to enjoy ourselves.
Enjoyment means many things to different people, for some it could be a bottle of bear with friends, to some it could be just a sound of music, movies or just spending time with people you love.
But wherever you stand, Spending time with the people you love can be a good tonic to help get you to the next level.

Here is a few tips that can help :

1. Practice story telling
Story telling can go along way to keep your relationship alive, heal broken wound and give you a fresh start.
So this valentine, don’t just this about the gifts or the package, think about spending time with your love ones, think about story telling.

2. A little game can do the magic

Last year valentine, I watched two old couple playing “The hide and seek game” together in a resort somewhere, it was so lovely, the lady was blindfolded, while the man just keep echoing “Honey get me, get the gift” other people standing around the circle also said the same thing, she was to follow the crowd locate the voice of her husband and get her valentine gift, so she just followed her husband voice round the whole circle until she finally get him, can you imagine the gift, oh no! Wonderful, but that’s a story for another day.
Even if it scrabble, ludo, chess, etc just find a game that will help you spend some time with your love ones.

3. Visit the orphanage.
If you really want to show love this valentine, there are people out there that are waiting for you, locate an orphanage, take your love ones there and spend some quality time together with them and your love ones and you Will be amazed what could happen to you after the visit.

4. Take a walk together.
A little walk with your love ones can help you stick together while communicating and discussing issues that may be affecting you and your relationship, don’t drive, just find a space where you can trek together for some miles holding hands and chatting together.

5. Watch a movie and dance together.
I have been opportune to watch a dance session by a family who define love in every aspect of their lives, to them, love is unconditional selflessness. While a neighbor next door was fighting because of valentine gift, this family just decided to watch a movie together, then after the movie they played a music and dance together, it was awesome….
Watching a movie can help you relax with the one you love.

6. Show a little love.
A song by black eyed pea “Where is the love” is a great reminder this valentine season, while some people will break up because of a gift, some others will make up and enjoy life happily ever after.
Don’t just think about the gift, let love guide you this season, the gift will fade but true love prevails, the best gift you can get this season is not a car or an expensive jewelry rather it is:
Love : Seeing someone that truly love and appreciate you, or for someone to affirm that “his or her” love for you is unending.

The truth: Seeing someone that can tell you the truth about you and your relationship no matter how sweet or bitter it may be, and your ability to also tell someone the truth.

Trust : That’s wrap up everything, trust is not easy to come by, so this valentine trust can be a very good gift to give and receive this season..

Thank you for stopping by, see you next week.

This column is written for Abel Abel by Abel Udoekene, follow him on twitter @abelekene

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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