Ruggedman Writes Open Letter To 9ice Over Accusation Of Sleeping With His Ex-Wife, Read Below

In 2010, 9ice released a song that made a lot of people wrongfully drag me into a terrible situation. People misconstrued the song and it created a rumor.

A terrible and false rumor that was fueled by journalists and bloggers, who were only after hits on their sites. Bloggers and journalists who did not care to investigate and confirm a rumor, but chose to print and post it anyway not caring who got hurt in the process.

I remember pleading my innocence and that of Toni Payne but social media people being who and how they are, chose not to listen. I remember calling 9ice on the phone, CIA style, to talk to him about it and he was clearly heard admitting the song was not about myself or Toni Payne, but social media people being who and how they are, chose not to listen.

I remember asking 9ice to publicly clear the air on the terrible rumor, but was shocked when my friend said he would not because he was busy and didn’t have time for such.

Again nobody wondered why.

Fast forward 2016. six years later and I was surprised when I heard that 9ice has finally come out to say i never slept with his wife and the song was not about me and even apologized on top.

That he has finally come out to say the truth about the issue that cast a negative shadow over my head and that of his ex wife for six years.

All I can do is smile because I know myself better than anybody out there who insulted me over the matter.

I said it then and I say it now, Michael Ugochukwu Stephens will never sleep with his friends’ wives. Families and husbands you can now relax. Your daughters and wives are safe around me hahahahaha!!

To 9ice, Bro, you left it a bit too late. You had your chance to clear this matter up six years ago when it really mattered but you did not take it. I do not know why and exactly what it was that made you keep quiet all that while.

I did my best to clear my name without you and have moved on since

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Written by Abel Abel

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