President Buhari And Lai Mohammed Discusses As $1 is Now Equal To N400 (Humour)

Buhari: Lai

Lai Mohammed: Oga

Buhari: We are in big trouble

Lai Mohammed: Wetin be that?

Buhari: Fashola just told told me now that $1 is now equal to N400

Lai Mohammed: How that one take concern you?

Buhari: I am the president!

Lai Mohammed: No talk am again make person hear you! You don’t know anything about it, it is Jonathan’s handwork

Buhari: So what do we tell all those journalists outside?

Lai Mohammed: Oga relax, if you like just find your way travel to America and leave them for me.

Buhari: What will you tell them?

Lai Mohammed: I will tell them that Jonathan and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala opened the treasury and Central Bank to cockroaches and rats from otueke to eat our naira that is why dollar is rising

Buhari: kai, You sabi

Lai Mohammed: What is my name?

Buhari: Lai Mohammed the Minister of misinformation and miscommunication of the federal republic

Lai Mohammed: Don’t mention

Written by mfonabel

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