Obasanjo Needs A Favour From Jonathan (Humour)

Obasanjo: Jona

Jonathan: Baba

Obasanjo: Stop that nonsense!

Jonathan: Which Nonsense?

Obasanjo: Stop calling me baba! Is it because you are now looking fresh? Don’t you know that this is the era of change? Me too am young, I am still strong enough to rule this country in 2019

Jonathan: Change is good for you Sir

Obasanjo: Which kind stupid change? Pure water is now N10

Jonathan: So you now drink pure-water?

Obasanjo: No be me drink am. I saw one of my driver drinking it and he said he bought it N10 but it used to be N5

Jonathan: Very unfortunate!

Obasanjo: Do you know people no longer buy my eggs, goats, pigs and things from my farm again? They said dollar is cost

Jonathan: I sympathise with you sir

Obasanjo: Abeg I need your help

Jonathan: How can I help you?

Obasanjo: You know you are now our international man? Please can you connect me with Obama and The Queen of England? There is something I need to talk to them about

Jonathan: No wahala, we will talk about it later Sir

Obasanjo: Which later? You that tomorrow France will honour you, next tomorrow it will be Japan, since you comot for Aso-rock, you no dey stay one place

Jonathan: See me at Otueke next week sir, I have to run now, Mama Peace is waiting for me

Obasanjo: Se Jona o


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