No Matter How You Try You Can’t Easily Get Total Trust From Anybody…

There is Joy In Faithfulness!

It pays to be faithful.
It pays to be loyal.
It pays to be trustworthy.

It is not easy to prove your Faithfulness in a sinful world of today.
No matter how you try you can’t easily get total trust from anybody.
Trust is not gotten it is earned.

You don’t need to go an extra mile to prove that you are loyal and faithful.
Humans will always judge you with your past and the mistakes you made.
Don’t give up your Faithfulness just because you are doubted and untrusted.
Keep being yourself, keep being faithful.

Soon the truth about you will show forth and you shall earn your trust.
You don’t do anyone a favour by being trustworthy and Faithful.
It’s a divine call, heed the call and feel the inner joy and fullfilness in your spirit.

I have decided to remain faithful and discipline.
I have decided to earn my respect.
I have found Joy in being faithful.
I remain loyal, Faithful and discipline even when no one is watching me.
I will never Cheat.
I pray GOD for the Grace to remain faithful and to overcome trials, pressure, lust and temptations in JESUS Name Amen.

-Moses Eskor. 2016

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