My Husband Beats Me Withwires And Threatens To Kill Me – Woman Opens Up

A woman who has had enough already with her husband’s constant battery and assault has opened up about her plight and cried out for help.

A 27-year-old mother of one, Flora Okwuosa, has lamented the ill-treatment and constant battery she receives from her husband, one Chris Obiekezie.

According to Daily Post, Flora who hails from Orisite Local Government Area, LGA, of Anambra state and married to Chris of Awkuzu LGA of the same state, worked with Nigerian Brewery Company and subsequently with Central Business Unit, Abuja, before her marriage to her husband on 21 August, 2014.

Chris, a factory worker, had however, asked her to resign from her job after marriage, saying he would cater for her and that she had no need to work. According to Flora, her husband of less than 2 years has already turned her to a punching bag.

Speaking with Daily Post, the battered mother of one who is resident at Agbara, along Badagry Expressway, Ogun state, said the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when she asked her 32-year-old husband for baby diapers.

Flora who recently lost her both parents to an undisclosed cause, further lamented that her husband, an electrical engineer had changed within such a short time.

Narrating her ordeal, she said, “On Tuesday, we took our one-month-old baby to the hospital and we were given a list of prescribed drugs to buy for her. I wanted us to get the medicines on the same day but my husband and his mother said we will do so when we get home, later in the evening. We ended up not getting the medicines.
“On Wednesday, my husband went out to see his brother and as he was staying out too long, I called to remind him that we needed those drugs unfailingly. He said he would be back in an hour and we would go to the pharmacy. I kept waiting for hours, yet he didn’t show up. So I asked a neighbour to hold my baby while I drove to the pharmacy to get the medicines myself.

“He returned home much later in the evening and like husband and wife, I called him to talk to him. First, I asked him why he showed less concern about anything that had to do with our baby. He didn’t give me any chance to speak further, he flared up and pounced on me, but I kept my cool.

“On Thursday, he was about to go out when I asked him for money to buy diapers for the baby. He said he had just N1,000 which he threw at me. I told him the money was not enough for diapers, which he knew. He asked me to use my money to buy the diapers, while he said that, he collected the money.

“I took the car key so I could go get the diapers myself, with my money. I was going to leave the baby behind with him because she is only a month old and not fit to go out. He asked me to give him the key which I refused because I had to drive to the supermarket. I am still not so strong after child delivery.

“I need help, I have taken so many tablets of paracetamol because I can’t take anything stronger because am breastfeeding.

Flora said following her refusal to hand the car keys over to her husband, he grabbed her and strangled her with his bare hands and then with a wire which he also used to lash her severally.

“I was almost losing my breath, so I dropped the keys and ran out of the house. He followed me out and picked up some planks to hit me. I ran back into the house to carry my baby who was already crying, he followed me still.” She said

“Again, I found my way out and he continued pouncing on me while I held our baby. He slapped me endlessly, beat my head, hand with planks and didn’t care if our baby would be hurt in the process. At that point, a passerby, a woman, came to my rescue and begged my husband to let me be.

“This morning (Friday), he threatened to kill me and that nothing will happen. He reminded me that I was an orphan and if I die, nobody will look for me. He said he will kill me and take the property we both labored for and nothing will happen. He says my people are preaching “no divorce, no work it out.

“I have sacrificed my good paying job, my life savings, my life and family on the altar of this sham called marriage.

“I want to be out because the attempts to strangle me even with wire, pushing me down when I was pregnant and beating me regularly may just take my life one day. If I die any time soon,my husband, Chris killed me.

“I am still in his house and I don’t have anywhere to go. Besides, my people are in the East and I can’t travel with a month old baby,” Flora sobbed.

“I want to start life afresh, I may have resigned from my job and I know my colleagues will say we warned you, but I can’t die in silence.”

She, however, called on good-hearted Nigerians to come to her rescue and give her a free legal divorce service.

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