Funny!!! Most Embarrassing Airport/Airplane Experience By Chris Buckle, Read

Chris Buckle: This was in 2011. I took a flight from London to Dubai. It was Qatar Airways so we had to change at Doha. The flight took off from Heathrow at 2200hrs, a night flight.
I took my seat and started to drift off to sleep. I’ve been to Dubai before but only on Virgin so I had no idea what route Qatar Airways would take in fact I didn’t give it a thought. The hospitality on Qatar Airways is so good I just drifted off to sleep, couldn’t help myself.
Most of the passengers were Arab, I was one of the few westerners.
It turned out that the flight passed somewhere near Mecca or I should say the lights of Mecca were able to be seen far off on the horizon. Apparently the captain announced this while I was asleep and he kept a countdown going of when the lights would be visible. This had the effect of exciting my fellow passengers of Arab origin.
Finally the lights of Mecca became visible out of one of the windows on the starboard side.
I was oblivious to this until the chant of Allah-u-Akbar went round the plane. I opened my eyes to the sight of twenty or so bearded men standing up near me shouting Allah-u-Akbar at the top of their voices. On a plane 30,000 feet up.
I shot up from my seat, terrified. I got into a fighting stance and pushed a few of them back away from the cockpit. I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. I was frothing at the mouth shouting “who wants some” at the top of my voice and grabbing at anything I could use as a weapon.
I suddenly became aware that they were backing away from me like I was some sort of lunatic. A couple of flight attendants were standing there telling me to calm down. I looked around the packed plane and saw people staring at me. My fellow western passengers were covering their faces with their palms and saying things like “he’s not with us.”
I must have taken a full hour to be convinced that the plane wasn’t under attack. The stewardesses were holding my hand like I was aged about 6. The stewardesses on Qatar Airways are fantastic in fairness. I think they even gave me some sweets at one point.
We got to Doha, I was getting some terrible looks from all of the passengers. We de-planed and I thought I’d seen the last of them. I went to the gate for the Dubai flight only to rejoin most of them again. I heard a western voice saying “The nutter’s back”.

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