Mayweather Falls In Love With A 19-Year-Old Girl Shop Worker, Takes Her To The U.S. On His Private Jet, See Photos

He may be a multi-millionaire boxer with women around the world falling at his feet.

But Floyd Mayweather appears to have fallen for a £6.50-an-hour New Look shop worker from the West Midlands.

The 38-year-old, who earned £200million last year alone, is said to be dating 19-year-old Ramarni Ball, a budding singer who caught his eye at a fan meet-and-greet in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Now, less than one week later, Mayweather – known as much for his flashy lifestyle as his undefeated record in the ring – has whisked the teenager off to travel to the U.S. on his private jet.




The trip is a far cry from the modest semi-detached home in Dudley, where Miss Ball grew up with her mother and five siblings, and where homes sell for as little as £74,000.

According to the Daily Mirror, the couple met at a fan event at Bar Sport in Cannock on February 12, where she is understood to have paid £600 for a ticket to meet the sporting legend.

Photographs taken just hours later appear to show Miss Ball, who works in her local New Look store, sitting behind Mayweather in the back of a Rolls Royce as he leaves the venue.

It would seem the boxer was determined to get to know the aspiring singer better as just days later she jetted off to Amsterdam, where the star was continuing his European Victory Tour.




Now their romance is continuing to blossom on the other side of the Atlantic. Miss Ball has taken to her Instagram page share photos and videos of the couple in New York and Los Angeles with her 41,000 followers.

A friend said: ‘She’s with Floyd in America. They are having fun.’

Since meeting the star, Miss Ball, a former performing arts student at Dudley College who is said to have been offered a place at a prestigious London drama school, has shared a picture of her posing on the boxer’s luxury plane, with the caption ‘jet life’.

Another video clip, apparently taken from a seat on the private jet, suggests she joined the sporting star as he flew from Las Vegas to New York.

Other photographs show the teenager practising her pout in a bathroom mirror. She also captions one: ‘Floyd Mayweather made me and my family feel so comfortable. Thank you.’

In another video posted on her account, Mayweather, wearing a cap emblazoned with red stars, is seen draping his arm over Miss Ball’s shoulder, before saying: ‘Tell them your story!’. She then replies: ‘I’m here with the Floyd.’
He boasts: ‘The one and only Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’ before she blows a kiss.

Her cousin, Mackayla Francis, 18, said that Ramarni told them about the budding relationship as long as three weeks ago when they last spoke.





She said: ‘I’ve known her all my life and she’s a really bubbly girl but I was quite startled when she sent me videos and pictures of her and Mayweather together.

‘She said the other day they were going to go to the movies but they couldn’t because of all the paparazzi snapping them.

‘They look like such a nice couple – if they have babies they’ll be so beautiful.’

It’s been claimed that she left a boyfriend at home to travel to the US, but did so with his blessing.

Andre Brown, who works rescuing cars for the AA, posted a message on Facebook saying: ‘They must not know the sketch. You have my love and support,’ reports The Mirror.

He posted the message along with a picture of the driving together, however, her cousin claims that she has not had a boyfriend for around a year.

Her mother Mandy Ball seemed to back Mr Brown’s claim as she told The Sun ‘don’t be daft’ when asked whether her daughter and the boxer were romantically involved.

Ms Ball added: ‘She’s only 19 and she’s got a boyfriend.

‘I have spoken to her since she landed and she says she is having a whale of a time. She’s fine.’

A member of staff working at New Look, in Dudley, said she was a ‘legend’:

‘She works at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre branch and she’s apparently very popular, outgoing and really up for a laugh,’ they said.

‘Nobody can quite believe how she’s managed to do it. She’s a legend.’

Miss Ball’s sister Relissa Ricketts, a 21-year-old student, is also believed to be accompanying the boxer and her sister on the trip on the U.S trip.

Last night, she shared a photograph of the trio with the caption: ‘Not that deep bruh’.

A friend said: ‘Ramarni has got so many followers now on social media, it’s amazing. She started off without any, now it’s gone through the roof. Everyone is talking about it.

‘It’s actually quite bizarre, because she’s not a particularly confident girl. I don’t know how she is going to manage this kind of publicity.’

Today, neighbours living next to the teenage family’s £124,000 home, expressed their surprise.

Don Greene, 69, said: ‘Not many people from Dudley go out with superstars like Floyd Mayweather.

‘She hasn’t done bad for herself for a girl from the Black Country. We know her to say hello to and she’s a very pleasant bubbly girl.

‘She isn’t shy that’s for sure and I’ve heard she has dated a rapper previously. Good on her I say, I hope she’s having a great time.’

Another local resident, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘I’d say she was a bit of a wannabe WAG. She’d always going out to places where footballers go and that sort of thing.

‘She wants a singing career of her own and think she wants to just raise her profile really. She’ll be loving his play boy lifestyle and who can blame her. There’s a few women who would love to be in her shoes right now.’

Miss Ball, who has posted countless other selfies and tongue-in-cheek videos to her Instagram page, is thought to regularly attend events where fans can pay to meet-and-greet their idols.

A friend said she sometimes pays hundreds of pounds to get into the VIP areas and mingle with celebrities.

One photograph shows her with singer and X Factor judge Rita Ora. She captioned the image: ‘Great to have Met @ritaora she’s so humble and just ridiculously talented so beautiful @ritaora’

In one online post, she revealed she was attending an afterparty of American singer-songwriter Trey Songz, and later uploaded a snap of them together. It was captioned: ‘Photo taken by the man him self @treysongz lovely meeting you!’

One friend said: ‘I’m not exactly sure how she does it – but she always manages to get herself into these things.’

Fans paid up to £2,000 to meet Mayweather as he appeared in eight UK cities earlier this month.

The boxing superstar retired from the ring in September 2015, after defeating Andre Berto to take his record to 49-0, amassing a staggering £550m personal fortune, during his glittering career.

While Mayweather insists he has hung up his gloves for good, many have doubted his claims, believing it is only a matter of time before he returns in search of reaching his 50th win, surpassing Rocky Marciano’s long-standing record of 49.

Mayweather has been linked to a string of women. Last year, he posed for a picture with rumoured girlfriend Doralie Medina, which he re-posted.

They were also pictured with three other women under a mirrored ceiling, which he captioned: ‘The king sleeps good every night, from head to toe.’

Mayweather was previously married to Josie Harris, with whom he has three children. He served two months in jail after admitting battery and harassment after police said he punched her in their Las Vegas home.

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