Lai Mohammed Seeks Professor Soyinka Advice On Osinbajo (Humour)

Lai Mhammed: I need your advice professor Soyinka, a professor like you is trying to take over my job

Soyinka: Lai, might be the problem?

Lai Mohammed: I am not happy Sir

Soyinka: May I know why?

Lai Mohammed: The Vice President, Professor Osinbajo is now taking over my job, soon I may not have a job again

Soyinka: How that?

Lai Mohammed: I have only told 5 lies this month but just one lie that Osinbajo told has over powered all my lies. He said No new road has been built by FG in the past 10 years and everyone is now talking about it

Soyinka: That is all?

Lai Mohammed: Yes, please advise me sir

Soyinka: The situation is ziphonical of the Dim dun of the cratus inseminational tuition that anthropoilise the evicusciolgy of democratic inlevidum to abject the institutional gremalia perpendicular affriadica aplexus intemudum picusar interviascological madness that evisuciate the amalatalogy of propagated aprisiliphy intandum

Lai Mohammed: Okay sir

Soyinka: You see, the zomilisation of emanerism that cratulate impectus inferedum to grativat impediustism of lies can cromolotise the fabricalology infredimisile kuntom

Lai Mohammed: Okay Sir

Soyinka: Tell me what you have learnt from my advice?

Lai Mohammed: Please sir, I want to shit, where is the toilet?

Soyinka: Eject yourself from this room and migrate to the gravitational direction in the right of the empirical alley and you will see a physical entry to eject your metabolism.

Lai Mohammed: Please I have to be on my way now sir, I have an appointment with the minister of Finance, I will come tomorrow sir

Soyinka: What of the toilet?

Lai Mohammed: I will shit when I get there

Mkpo ase ba o

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