Ladies, Don’t Marry A Man With These Characteristics

1. A Man That Does not Love & Respect His Mother
There is a thin line between a mommy’s boy and a man who genuinely loves his mom. A man should love his mother and respect her even when he disagrees with her. If a man doesn’t respect his mum, what makes you think he would respect you? He shouldn’t be a mommy’s boy with no backbone but he should respectfully disagree with her if the need arises.

2. A Man That Beats His Sisters
Forget that he is the older one or that his parents approve of it. There is a natural imbalance of strength between a man and a woman. A man that feels it is okay to beat his sisters won’t think twice before hitting you. His sisters are his blood relations and yet he hits them, how much more you? If he cannot protect his sisters, what is the assurance that he will protect you?

3. A Man That Is Money Conscious
This type has only one thing on his mind, ‘make money’ by whatever means whether good or bad. In the long run, he would probably do something that will embarrass your family. He also believes his money should earn him your respect irrespective of his character.

4. A Man That Cannot Cook
Just ask yourself some simple questions. What will happen to your kids or even to you if you are sick and bedridden? What will happen to your kids if you happen to travel? What will happen to your kids if by nature of your job, you close later than your husband? Finally, what will happen to them if peradventure you die untimely? Will they starve? Or will your husband replace you immediately even if the new mother is not a good person?

5. A Man That Will Not Cook
This is quite common in our society. He can cook but he chooses not to because they find it quite demeaning. Truth is, this says a lot about how he sees you. If he believes only you should do the degrading chores around the home, it is because he believes you are a lesser human than him. Even if you are dying, this one will rather buy food than cook o. Run.

6. A Man That Believes You Owe Him
This type thinks he is doing you a favour by marrying you so he obviously won’t respect you and expects you to take anything he dishes out to you.

7. A Man That Carries Kids For The Gram
There is a new trend lately of men with children all over social media. They are usually all lovey-dovey with them but don’t be deceived. People ooh and aww at pictures like that only because we are not used to that kind of image in our society. Half of these men probably don’t know how to change diapers so once again the pressure is on you to always make the children look good or you will hear it.

8. A Man That Believes it is Natural & Normal for Him To Philander
It is not and will never be normal to cheat. It is a lie from the pit of hell that so many believe and so many more perpetuate. If you agree with this, then you agree that every man has a place in hell already which we know is not true. What is wrong is wrong and everybody doing it will not make it right. If you marry someone with this mentality, you know what to expect.

9. A Man Who Cannot Answer To You
Wo, this one will show you pepper in marriage. You cannot question his actions or inactions o. He will not be accountable to you on how he spends money, where he goes, what time he comes in, etc. He will make and take decisions that affect the family without consulting you and without giving any tangible or logical reason. He will wake up one morning and tell you to change the school your children attend and you will be there wondering what went wrong. Stay far away from them.

10. A Man Who Doesn’t Take The Issue of Rape & Child Molestation Seriously
Just take note of your conversations with him when the issue of sexual assault arises. If he is the type that always finds a way to blame the victim, either male or female, you should have a rethink. He is not a qualified father material. It will be dangerous for him to bath your kids. Forget that they are his kids too, we hear stories na.

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