Important Advice For The Married Ones…

Agree upon trusting one another. Once you have taken your vows, don’t do anything to break that trust. You have both taken vows to be faithful in every way to one another. Now it’s time to believe in one another and trust your partner. Suspicion and doubt don’t cause a spouse to cheat, but if one spouse exhibits high degrees of any of these to the other, it spells trouble for the relationship. Set reasonable boundaries and stay within them – this fosters trust, and the longer you each stay within the boundaries you have agreed on, the more trust you will build as time goes on.

Your behavior early on will set the tone for the rest of your relationship. If you set a tone of faith, trust, and belief in one another and give each other a real sense that your relationship is solid and unshakable, it will be a great comfort to you and help you through difficult times. If you prove yourself worthy of his/her trust today, in ten years if someone accuses you of something, he/she will dismiss it, knowing that you would never betray him/her because of your history together.

On the other hand, if you do something that you should not have done, you can’t expect your spouse to trust you totally. You have put doubt in his/her mind, and that has made him/her insecure. The only way to correct that is to do everything in your power (through real actions) to show him/her that they can trust you.

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