I May Not Know What Love Is But I Know What Love Is Not…

Do not measure love by Romance, Gifts, Butterflies or the aesthetics that surround it. Measure love by Kindness, Sacrifice and Selflessness.

Is the person who gives you the chills and goose bumps kind? Are they kind to conductors, Office Assistants and people who generally can’t do anything to them? Also, is their Love, Romance and Words to you filled with Kindness?

This is what would sustain you on the long run and this should drive you crazy because a kind person would not hurt you no matter what happens.

Furthermore, Is he/she Sacrificial? Would they go the extra mile to make you happy? Are they very selfish and self centred? Or would they put on hold their own things just to make sure you are good?
Think about this;

Flowers will fade, chocolates will melt and you would most likely get tired of the illicit sex but Kindness and Sacrifice will surely last forever…


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