I Died Twice In 2009, What I Saw

I died twice on September 26, 2009. My first thought after I saw a gorgeous white light at the top of a mountain in front of me was, “Oh my God. I’m dead!” There were many other people walking up the mountain towards the light. But I was furious.

All I could think about was how I had been to the emergency room so many times and had been blown off and “now I’m dead.” I did not look down at my own body unfortunately, but the other dead people just looked like regular people. I had for the first time in many years absolutely no pain at all.

I was just angry. After a few minutes, my cousin sort of popped right in front of me and told me, “Deanne, go back.” I haven’t been called Deanne since I was a kid and she was one of the few people who knew me as Deanne. When I turned around to see what she meant by “back,” I was slammed into the bed at the hospital with seven doctors and nurses all around me yelling at me to “stay with us.”

The pain returned. I was in shock. I’ll never forget my two and a half minutes being dead, though, and I am lucky to have been brought back to life.

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